About Us

An Advisor on the same side as promoter

We enter into our investments as partners; supplementing and complementing businesses and business owners.

We aim to collaborate with entrepreneurial founders to help them independently realise the full potential of their businesses.

Help manage and raise capital

Understanding capital needs with the backing of a financial services group and deep sector experience.

The competencies and experience of our team and our institutional partners allow us to advise on financial and capital needs to optimally support investees’ growth plans.

Enhancing access to catalyse growth

Providing access to our extensive networks in Malaysia, ASEAN and the Greater Asia region, which serve as abundant sources of value for our investees.

From the sharing of knowledge and know-how between current portfolio companies, to building inroads into new markets and geographies.  We strive to help our investee companies grow through enhanced access.

Adding to strategic capacity

Supplementing strategic capacity and serving as a sounding board for entrepreneurial visions—helping to shape and execute strategy.

We seek to generate value through strategic initiatives, which may include: identifying talent from regional networks; enhancing management infrastructures, including governance and reporting; evaluating growth options; expanding and diversifying revenue streams; helping to execute operational improvement opportunities.